What Has Been The Best Year In Gaming?

Only five months into 2017 and already people are proclaiming it as one of the best years in recent gaming history. While some of that hype has indeed come from what’s already been released, most of it is from the anticipation of what is next. Ahead of us is at least one big game for every crowd and genre. Fighting games, especially, are set for a renaissance this year with Injustice 2, Tekken 7, and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, to release in the upcoming months. Truly, it has been and will be a busy time for anyone with a gaming backlog. 

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The Depressing State Of Games Media

Recently, I wrote a piece about the possible future of the gaming industry, going into details such as the proliferation of virtual reality technology and whether or not innovations like it will survive in the rapidly-changing video game space. However, one point I didn’t touch on was the future of how video games will be covered. Over the years, games media has expanded into a large swathe of different interconnected branches, from sites purely dedicated to video games news to ‘social media influencers,’ YouTube Let’s Players, and everything in between. But it’s hard to predict the future of games media when the current state of it appears to be in flux. 

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What Is The Future Of Gaming?

Once again, we’re at a point in time where the future of gaming appears quite uncertain. The life cycle of the current generation of consoles is beginning to come to an end, with the next iteration of the PlayStation and Xbox brand expected to be fully announced and released in the upcoming years, putting them alongside the already-for-sale Nintendo Switch. So, what can we expect from the future of the gaming industry as a branch of both technology and entertainment?

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Gaming: A Time Investment

When it comes to video games, a lot is made about the monetary investments involved with getting into and sustaining the hobby; first, you’ll need a modern system or console that can run the games, then any extra accessories for that system, and then, of course, you’ll have to keep buying games to play from then on. But obviously, that is all in the pursuit of fun, and gaming is one of the most enjoyable pastimes a person can have. However, lately, for me and seemingly many other gamers, there has been another problem concerning personal investment: an issue of time.Read More »

Has Hollywood Run Out Of Ideas? No.

The sentiment that Hollywood has run out of original ideas is not exactly a new one. For years now, thanks to a barrage of superhero films, adaptations, and remakes, people have been proclaiming that the movie industry is gone of the originality it once thrived on. However, if you just look and think a little deeper, you’ll find that when it comes to entertainment, creativity and innovation is rarely ever the problem. 

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