How this AAA publisher uses Prezly to keep up with influencers

An interview with Crytek’s Jens Schäfer.

From launching AAA titles like Far Cry to experimenting with VR gameplay and operating game development platform CRYENGINE, Crytek has become an industry household name since their birth back in 1999.

But even industry heroes have their hurdles.

For Crytek, these were two-fold. Firstly, how do you maintain an up-to-date global database of contacts and influencers when the parameters are always shifting? And secondly, how do you continue to land coverage for your title more than a year after launch?

The answer: a hell of a lot of organization.

We spoke with Jens Schäfer, Crytek’s Head of Communications, to find out how he uses Prezly to keep up with influencers and rein in some of that chaos.


Crytek is one of the most well-known independent gaming companies in the world, functioning as both developer and publisher to a whole host of popular FPSs, such as the AAA Far Cry franchise and Crysis series, as well as Ryse: Son of Rome and many more.

Not only that, but Crytek is the mastermind behind the hugely successful CRYENGINE – a cutting-edge 3D game dev engine first launched alongside the initial Far Cry instalment and used to power every Crytek game since. CRYENGINE is ranked among the very top game dev engines alongside Epic’s Unreal Engine and Unity, and is available free to anyone wanting to create games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Oculus Rift and more.

Crytek featured its gameplay trailer for Hunt: Showdown as well as extensive galleries in the lead up to the title’s release in Q3 2019

Now continuing to build hugely entertaining games for PC, consoles and VR, Crytek is concentrating on growing its reach in the games-as-a-service market. Crytek’s latest project is survival horror multiplayer shooter Hunt: Showdown; check out their Prezly newsroom for the latest updates.

The challenge

Jens is a Crytek veteran, having been with the company since 2008. As Jens will tell you himself, if you’re going to run a successful global operation, you need to have a database that works.

It’s very important to spend as little time as needed to get all these tasks done in order to focus on other more important things.

“We have our headquarters here in Frankfurt, Germany, and we serve in the international market so we work on a global scale. Sometimes we have agency support in key territories, but in the rest of the world, we serve ourselves. And so it’s important to stay up-to-date and have a database that works, that you can update easily.”

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