This Week Aboard The Hype Train: Red Dead 2, Nintendo Switch, Logan, and Guardians Vol. 2 Trailer

Quite recently, there has been a huge release of news, announcements, and trailers, regarding some of popular culture’s most beloved brands. So join me, as I go through some of the marketing and trailers, for products that are built to take your money at a later date. 

Red Dead Redemption 2


Even with a mostly cautious attitude towards anything this early in its public life, it wasn’t hard for me to just get plain excited after the announcement and trailer of Red Dead Redemption’s sequel. The original game is by far my favourite offering from Rockstar Games, and its combination of open world fun, and a gripping narrative, is nothing short of masterful. The first image posted by Rockstar, showed off seven riders on horseback; this was later shown again, in-game, with that same gang closing off the trailer. It was obvious from long ago, that whatever followed the original would have to be a prequel. Red Dead Redemption was notable as a western because it took place in a period where that era was beginning to die off. But what’s really interesting, is the hints of story littered around what we’ve got so far. If this is a direct prequel, following John Marston’s life in his original outlaw status will surely be a cool narrative to play through. As a character, not much is known about him during this period. We know he rode in a gang who apparently stole from the rich and gave to the poor, but there’s also murkier details like his deceased daughter, and the story of how his gang fell apart. From what we can actually tell from the trailer, the game is beautiful and ripe with gorgeous landscapes and environments. Here’s hoping that this doesn’t get downgraded later on, and that we soon get more information about what is now my most anticipated title of 2017. 

Nintendo’s New Console: The Nintendo Switch

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.32.50 pm.png

I’ll make it no secret that I’m not the biggest Nintendo fan, with only a few of their systems laying around the house, and no Wii U to be found. But their gradual decline with the hardcore gamer crowd in the last few years, has disappointed me. So perhaps their new console will reinvigorate Nintendo’s image. Rumoured for what seems like ages now, Nintendo Switch was officially announced in a teaser trailer, which showed off various aspects of the console’s utility and design. Nintendo doesn’t always get enough credit for how they try and innovate with each new console. However, its portability function is something I’m still wary about, as it could easily just be a gimmick. But generally, the reaction to this announcement has been mostly positive. If Nintendo truly wants to succeed with this, they have to market it correctly, and make sure people know how it works. This kind of confusion is what led to the public thought, that the Wii U was just some gamepad add on for the Wii itself. Furthermore, the console must have a sufficient battery life, a large amount of space for digital games, and decent specs, in order to be worth anything at all for the crowd Nintendo is going for. If they can get all of this right, then maybe we might start seeing this beloved company return to its original glory. 

Logan Trailer


After the mediocrity that was X-Men Apocalypse, it’s finally nice to start looking forward to at least one film in this cinematic universe. Although it’s not a direct adaptation, Logan is a film version of the iconic Old Man Logan storyline. Through visuals alone, the connection between them is clear; a dusty countryside seems to be its setting, and the film will most likely be based around an escort mission of some kind, much like its inspiration. For me, the best part of this trailer wasn’t any action or the stabbing of heads, but instead witnessing Professor Xavier—a character all about hope—lurking in a bed, seemingly broken. The tone of this film will be dark, and that’s definitely indicated here. I also enjoyed how the trailer left plenty of questions to be answered, an aspect that hopefully won’t be lost as further information is released. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer


On the opposite end of Logan’s depressing trailer, we finally have our first look at Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. And for those afraid of spoilers, be warned, it’s probably going to be a lot of fun. The first Guardians Of The Galaxy was a huge hit, and it was universally enjoyed by most critics. With expectations understandably high, especially now that the team is known by the wider public, this sequel has to do a lot in order to impress a second time around. However, as long as it’s a fun ride, I think we’ll all be satisfied.

It sure has been a great few days for anyone who likes being advertised to, including myself. But before you leave, I’d just like you all to remember that everything discussed here, meaning video games, game consoles, and movies, all still have the possibility of winding up to be complete utter shit. So keep your expectations reasonable for the benefit of your own enjoyment. 



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