How Much Longer Can DC Survive Mediocrity?

Suicide Squad is a bad movie. At least, that’s what countless reviews all over the internet will tell us. The general consensus of the film is that while it has some fun moments, the overall experience is pretty subpar, with strange pacing, a muddled plot, and too many characters and stories going on for any of them to make a real impact. If it sounds like I’m describing Batman v Superman, then you’re right. 

The DC Cinematic Universe as of far, hasn’t exactly been a critical darling. Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, have all left audiences leaving the cinema with mixed reactions. There’s nothing wrong about divisive films, but if Warner Bros wants to start making Marvel and Disney money, they need to begin bettering their own efforts. 


A widely toted reason for why these movies are so split between critics and audiences, is that these films are made for the fans. But while they might be made by fans, they are certainly not for them. Nowadays, new comic books don’t sell close to a million copies. So, specifically aiming your billion dollar movie franchises at that niche audience, is a pretty ridiculous business move. 

However, all of the films in this shared universe have so far been box office hits. With or without the negative reviews, Suicide Squad is still smashing when it comes to pure ticket sales around the globe. The marketing alone for this movie probably sold a lot of seats in theatres. But if more word starts getting around about the film, we might start seeing a huge drop off in the current numbers. 

Right now we have a movie that is being panned by almost everybody with a keyboard and internet connection, but also a movie that is breaking records at the box office. So where does that leave the future of the DC Extended Universe? 

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.31.13 am

In a nutshell, it’s already too late to pump the breaks. Movies like Justice League and Wonder Woman are in full swing, and DC’s plans still extend far beyond those two films. 

I still believe though, that this new cinematic universe has the opportunity to be something really special. Not only do they have a huge cast of characters and stories they can work with, but there’s also plenty to do with a world that is wholly different from that of Marvel’s. Going forward, their new movies need to be crowd-pleasers on a full scale. But if Wonder Woman and Justice League are more of the same, it could spell the beginnings of another reboot. But nobody wants to go through this entire process again do they? So just start getting it right already DC and Warner Bros. 


8 thoughts on “How Much Longer Can DC Survive Mediocrity?

  1. I suspect Justice League will do well at the box office, but Wonder Woman far less so. The reason for that: Batman. Everyone knows and loves Batman, and there have been a lot of good movies featuring him as a character in one way or another. I’m as guilty as anyone else of this, I love a Batman movie, and I think DC know that most people will see a movie with him in it. Remember when everyone was asking if Batman would be in Suicide Squad?

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