Captain America: Civil War Review – Uncivil Fights

Ever since Iron Man first hit the big screen about seven years ago, each and every nerd, geek and fanboy has been patiently waiting for the release of this movie. Well at last, Captain America: Civil War has burst into cinemas, bringing with it inevitable box office records and the promise of some of the best superhero action ever put to film. So has all hype and build-up been worth it? 

Captain America: Civil War loosely follows the storyline of the comics it is partially based on, with The Avengers divided by a government accord that would place them under supervision and under the control of the United Nations. Iron Man is in favour of this while Cap is completely against it, also choosing to protect his old friend Bucky, a.k.a the Winter Soldier, from punishment. Meanwhile a new villain secretly operates from behind the scenes to fulfil his own evil plan.

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The plot of the film perfectly sets the stage for a war between allies and the ideas it presents are a first for the Marvel movies. The heroes finally have to face the consequences of their actions and the countless lives that are lost every time they save the world. The story however gets somewhat convoluted when a subplot about a new race of super soldiers gets introduced only to be rendered futile later on. This subplot then takes main focus during the third act of the film, even though it’s ultimately just an excuse to have a final fight between Cap and Iron Man. 

This time around there are numerous heroes joining in the on the action, with Black Panther and Spider-Man making their first appearances in this universe. The Russo Brothers really have to be commended for being able to fit in so many characters without any of them feeling too unnecessary. The Black Panther is a welcome addition in Civil War and I’m curious to see what they’ll do with him next. 

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Even with so many big name heroes and characters, this is still very much a Chris Evans Captain America movie. The struggle of Steve Rogers dealing with what’s right and wrong is at the heart of the film, and his relationships with Bucky and Sam (The Falcon) are particularly engrossing this time around. Returning Avengers are all played well by their actors as usual, even though many aren’t given much to do or say. It was also great seeing Ant-Man again and I would love to seem him interact more with the Avengers in future movies.

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What really sells Captain America: Civil War is the action, and I’m happy to report that it’s awesome. The airport scene is particularly fantastic and it’s the only time all heroes are fighting at the same time. There are plenty of great surprises during the fight sequence and as always, it’s just cool to see all the heroes going up against each other. But without any consequences from the violence, nothing feels at stake during these scenes. No one dies and The Avengers aren’t in shambles or pieces after the credits roll. If Marvel expects us to really care about these movies going forward, they have to show that their heroes aren’t immortal. 

In some aspects, the movie fails to take advantage of all the possibilities the idea of a civil war could bring. It would’ve been great to see team members switching sides or the two groups battling it out more than once. Instead of an epic war, this feels more like a series of scuffles. We also never get the sense that the Accords is anything bigger than just a fancy document for superheroes. Seeing shots of the public rejecting the Avengers and protesting would’ve been very powerful and they would add to the overall debate. Civil War is also pretty disappointing since Captain America’s team is fighting to save the world from another threat, while Iron Man’s team is just trying to bring them in for the Government. They should both be fighting for what they believe in, otherwise it’s kind of one-sided. This is another superhero conflict that could be solved by someone just explaining what’s going on. 

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What most people will leave the cinema remembering is definitely Spider-Man. He is easily my favourite part of the movie and Tom Holland plays him brilliantly. This is the most comic accurate Spider-Man we’ve ever had on the big screen. He’s only in the film briefly but he is the star. It’s amazing how well they pulled him off in a movie where hundreds of things could’ve gone wrong.

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Captain America: Civil War is a movie that could’ve been terrible, juggling so many characters at once while trying to tell a good story. But somehow the filmmakers pulled through and created something that will probably leave a lot of fans happy. It has many problems but in terms of pure entertainment, this is one of Marvel’s best.

Captain America: Civil War Is A Good Movie


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