What If Batman v Superman Sucks?

Over the past couple of months hype has been slowly building for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. With trailer after trailer revealing more about the movie’s plot and characters. Right now this movie seems simply too big to fail, but what if it does?  What if Batman v Superman just isn’t good?

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.55.23 pm

Warner Bros definitely has a lot riding on Batman v Superman, they’ve already released a line up of future DC movies that go all the way up to the year 2020. And most of those movies rely on this film being a success both critically and in ticket sales. 

But this movie is bound to make money at the box office. With a name like ‘Batman v Superman’ everyone will go to see it even if it sucks. But what really matters is whether or not people will come back to see the rest of the movies DC and Warner Bros has planned. Because Batman v Superman is their last chance at making a good impression on the public when it comes to film. 


Warner Bros and DC simply can’t afford to have another ‘Man Of Steel’ on their hands. For many Man Of Steel was a great film, others thought it was terrible but most people just thought it was okay. And it’s no mystery that Man Of Steel was a bit of a disappointment at the box office. The movie was profitable but it definitely wasn’t as successful as Warner Bros and everyone else thought it would be.

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If Batman v Superman ends up being a critical failure, we would probably have to count out the possibility of ever seeing another solo Superman or Wonder Woman movie. This is our first time seeing the Trinity on the big screen and if they mess up those characters, they’ve basically ruined the chance of  having any more crossover movies with them, apart from the Justice League. It would be like trying to make movies based around the Ben Affleck Daredevil, the Nicholas Cage Ghost Rider and the George Clooney Batman. And all of this would probably also mean that more risky characters like Aquaman and Shazam get pulled back. 

Right now it’s already too late to take everything back if Batman v Superman is a failure. Since so many of the movies they have planned after Batman v Superman are already in production. So it’s not like they can go back to the drawing board without cancelling all those projects and wasting millions of dollars.

But even with all of that now said, I think it’s almost certain that this movie will be good. Or maybe just good enough that people will come back for Suicide Squad. And if anything, it will at least deliver some awesome fight scenes between two iconic heroes. 


3 thoughts on “What If Batman v Superman Sucks?

    • I would love to see DC release their movies and have them be good. But right now I’m cautiously excited about Batman v Superman since there are some things I like about the movie so far and some things I dislike.


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