Spoilers! Spoiler Alert!

If you read the title of this blog you probably already know what this is going to be about. Spoilers. That big boogeyman of the entertainment and pop culture realm.

In a world where everything and anything can be shared with millions of people with just click of a button, spoilers have become a bit of a problem. Be it with movies, video games, books or T.V shows.


Their always seems to be two big extremes of people on the internet.  Those who intentionally go into the comments of articles and videos and spoil whatever may be new as soon as possible. And those who get pissed when you spoil pretty much anything no matter how old it is.

Most people would agree that spoilers are generally okay but it depends on how long the movie, game or show has been out for. Tweeting about the ending of a T.V episode only hours after it came out would not be considered okay. But casually brining up the ending of a year old movie in a video without any warning would be fine. Some would say that’s too soon but if you haven’t gotten to something after a year you’re probably not all that interested in it anyway.


T.V shows are a sensitive subject when it comes to spoilers. Since you get about an episode a week, the timespan for how long until you can start spoiling is a lot shorter. Things get even more complicated when you take into account things like Netflix and recording. A lot of people like waiting until they have multiple episodes of a show so they can watch them all at once.


Lately I’ve seen a lot of people get pissed off by a different kind of spoiler. One spoiled by the creators themselves, be it in trailers, T.V spots or interviews. The latest example of this would probably be Terminator Genisys. Many would say that the trailer spoils key plot points and moments in the film as well as the movie’s biggest twist. All before the film had even come out.

SPOILERS! Batman is in the game.

Even just facts about a movie, game or show can be considered a spoiler to some. Like saying that a certain actor is in a movie or that a game has a specific mechanic. This makes things troubling for reviewers especially, since their job is to state the facts and give their opinion.

Most people don’t want things spoiled for them but they also don’t want to have to keep censoring themselves in order not to spoil things for everyone else. So what would you rather? Not have anything spoiled? Or not be able to talk about anything you had just watched, played or read?



2 thoughts on “Spoilers! Spoiler Alert!

  1. Hmm. I guess I’m the third extreme: I actually go looking for spoilers, in order to decide whether I want the whole thing or not. I try to avoid spreading spoilers without warning, though, since so many people seem to hate them.

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