Should Bethesda Get A Free Pass?

With the release of Fallout 4 Bethesda Game Studios has been getting a lot of praise for once again delivering a great open world experience. But they’ve also received a ton of hate for once again making a game full of bugs, glitches and technical hiccups.Most reviewers and fans have been able to look past this though, even though they probably wouldn’t have if this were any other game. So why is that? And should Bethesda and Fallout 4 be exempt from these criticisms?


Well of course not! If a game is buggy or has plenty of glitches it should be pointed out and criticised. After all, bugs and glitches are signs that what you’re playing isn’t polished and a lot of the time they detract from the experience.

It’s no surprise that Bethesda’s open world games are usually buggy and filled with glitches. So much so that people have come to expect them when going into one of their games. But expecting to get punched in the face doesn’t make things any less painful when you actually get punched in the face. 

Wait...this isn't a glitch?
Wait…this isn’t a glitch?

The real reason why most people give Bethesda a free pass is simply because their games are just so big and ambitious. It’s hard to fault games with such common flaws when they deliver so much. With a game like Fallout 4 where there are so many moving parts, glitches and bugs are inevitable. But even that still doesn’t give reviewers and critics the right to just sweep this under the rug and luckily most haven’t. 


If this game had come out a couple years ago it probably would’ve been one of the greatest games of all-time. But unfortunately for Bethesda, plenty of games in the last few years have been able to match the scope and ambition of their open world games without sacrificing lip syncing, visuals or stability. It’s clear that a lot of gamers will not stand for this anymore, it doesn’t matter how innovative or large your game is, if you don’t get the bare essentials right. 

Bethesda games are all about trade off though. What you may lose with visuals and polish you gain with insane amounts of quests and content. Some are fine with that, others are not. In the end it all comes down to your expectations and whether or not you’re willing to look past a few things and see something greater.


One thought on “Should Bethesda Get A Free Pass?

  1. It’s also worth noting that most of the bugs and glitches are addressed in a pretty timely manner. Games shouldn’t be released with major issues, I agree, but with something as large in scope and delivery as Fallout or Elder Scrolls, I can’t imagine how everything would be noticed and addressed before launch. They would have to release the game to test it, take it back in after hearing from a million players, and then re-release the game in a more polished state. What Bethesda does is, to me, good enough, but there are definitely other games that should not be released in their buggy and broken states.

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