Broken PC Ports

I’m going to start this off by saying that I am not a PC gamer. Sure I play games on PC from time to time but I’m definitely not apart of that community. But that still doesn’t stop me from getting pissed off whenever I hear of yet another broken PC port.


In this case it’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. So far PC users have reported the game crashing, low frame rates and about a dozen other complaints. Sure it’ll probably get fixed soon but the game shouldn’t have launched at all if they knew it wouldn’t be up to scratch. This makes Black Ops 3 another one of the many disappointing PC ports to come out this year.


Probably the most high profile port was Batman: Arkham Knight, a game that when released on PC was almost unplayable due to lag, glitches and a whole host of other issues. The root of the problem seemed to be because the port was done by a third party studio that had little experience with PC games. It sucks when people sometimes spend thousands of dollars on a gaming rig only to have a game not run due to shoddy game making. Even now with Arkham Knight back on Steam the game still isn’t fully fixed, with users reporting the same issues from before.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself “why are some PC ports like this anyway?” You could argue that PC’s are harder to work with but that argument is quickly thrown out the window when you realise that current-gen consoles are basically identical to PC’s when it comes down to hardware and specs. What I’d put it down to is publishers merely not caring enough to give these ports the attention and effort required.

Triple-A games don’t make nearly as much money on PC as they do on consoles so it’s easy to understand why some game publishers wouldn’t care about making video games as good on PC as they are on consoles. Especially if it means spending more money. And unfortunately some people are still stuck in the mindset that all people who game on PC illegally download everything. Which means even the people who buy games legitimately on PC are screwed over as well and up until a couple months ago they couldn’t do anything about it.


When Steam refunds were announced tons of indie developers were pretty pissed off. Why? Because it meant that finally the consumer could fight back whenever they were stuck with a crappy a game. Which was brought to light when games that didn’t even work properly like Arkham Knight were released. Now there was on obligation to fix any broken PC port because now people could start refunding what didn’t work

The amount of bad press a studio or publisher gets from releasing a bad port should give more than enough reason to make a good PC port. Just go onto any game on Steam that had a bad launch and look at how the initial reviews and outrage brought down the entire game’s user review score.

In this day and age it’s just plain unacceptable for a game to work well on pretty much every other platform except for one. PC users deserve to have an experience that’s at least on par with consoles.


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