Are Comic Books Just For Kids?

For years now people have been battling the idea that comic books and graphic novels are only for children.

Even now with thousands of “mature” adults going to see stuff like the Avengers, most people still see comic books as a child’s reading material. But are they right? Are comic books really just for kids?


Well of course not! Sure they might’ve been primarily aimed at kids in the beginning but like all entertainment things change and mature.

When most people think of comic books they think of superheroes, guys in tights fighting crime and throwing about one-liners. And while those still exist, things have changed since then. Underwear on the outside of pants is a thing of the past and superheroes themselves and the world’s they inhabit have become more mature and complex.

But comic books and graphic novels are so much more than just superheroes anyway. Just like movies and T.V shows, comics aren’t limited to just one genre. There are thrillers, dramas, comedies and so many more. Comics are just another medium in which to tell stories through.


It’s something about the art that causes people to think that comics are mostly for kids. Something along the lines of children’s picture books. In picture books the art is there to aid, since most young kids can’t follow along with just words. But with comic books the art is there for pure enjoyment and entertainment as well as to add to the story. It’s like reading a novel without every second word having to describe the setting, not to mention action scenes are a lot more enjoyable in comics than they are in most novels. Sometimes it’s better to just see and enjoy the image of a world devouring alien than have it described to me in a lengthy paragraph.

Not to say there isn’t any sort of imagination involved. When I read a comic I’m doing all the voices in my head and using my brain to animate the story between each panel.


I’d actually say that these days comic books are more fit for adults and teens than young kids. A lot of comics now are actually quite violent and deal with some pretty adult themes. DC and Marvel actually have different lines of books separate from their main comics that appeal more to children.

The whole idea that comic books are only for for kids is just a misconception perpetuated by many people who still believe that the superheroes they saw in the 60s and 70s are still exactly the same years down the line. And that comic books and graphic novels can’t be anything else other than superheroes.

But who cares about what people like that think anyway? Enjoy what you want to enjoy and don’t let other people tell you something you like is weird or childish. Unless its something actually weird and messed up. Then you should probably listen to them.


One thought on “Are Comic Books Just For Kids?

  1. I think some of the modern Marvel comics are aimed at kids, which is where some confusion can come from. But comics are such a huge format these days and with the successes of shows like The Walking Dead, Daredevil and Gotham to name just a few, comic books are definitely embedded in adult culture

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