Has Hollywood Run Out Of Ideas? No.

The sentiment that Hollywood has run out of original ideas is not exactly a new one. For years now, thanks to a barrage of superhero films, adaptations, and remakes, people have been proclaiming that the movie industry is gone of the originality it once thrived on. However, if you just look and think a little deeper, you’ll find that when it comes to entertainment, creativity and innovation is rarely ever the problem. 

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The Consequences Of A Broken Launch

Ask anyone in any industry, and they’ll tell you that the launch is everything. Whether it is the initial release of a new computer, film, or game, any kind of product is reliant on a strong beginning. The launch is the foundation on which all other sales can be made, and it is an indicator of success. If a film bombs on its opening weekend, then it’s clear that it won’t make much on the next weekend or the weekend after. Of course, there are exceptions—sleeper hits, cult films, and so on—but this idea of launch success is generally the rule to follow. 

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Should The DC Films Reboot?

The DC cinematic universe has been on a downward spiral for quite a while now. The critical consensus for their films so far has ranged from good to terrible. And you know it’s really bad when two-thirds of those movies have been nominated for awards at the Razzies. But now, the released films aren’t the only ones in trouble. It’s clear public knowledge that several of DC’s upcoming projects aren’t going through the best of times in their development stage. 

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The Myth Of Genre Fatigue In Entertainment

Genre fatigue is something that can occur in audiences for all forms of entertainment. It’s an affliction caused when people begin to feel bored with a particular category of movies, books, or video games. However, the idea of genre fatigue is something I’ve never fully understood at its initial level. For example, it implies that a person can become sick of comedies; yet, who in the right mind would get bored of laughing?Read More »